Unique Community

Crowdsourcing Best Practice in Clariter manages every single service involving the crowd, CROWDSOURCING BEST PRACTICE

Full Device Coverage

From Android to iOS, Samsung to Sony, Smart TVs to Chromecasts… it’s in the community
Crowdsourcing Best Practice in Clariter manages every single service involving the crowd, CROWDSOURCING BEST PRACTICE

Plenty of Experts

From software testers to marketers, customer journey experts and influencers.
Crowdsourcing Best Practice in Clariter manages every single service involving the crowd, CROWDSOURCING BEST PRACTICE

Fully Vetted

We know our community very well, it’s a fully vetted community
Crowdsourcing Best Practice in Clariter manages every single service involving the crowd, CROWDSOURCING BEST PRACTICE

Results in Hours

Hundreds of bugs and reports for every campaign

"Crowdsourcing is a great way to seek real opinions from your real user base, and if you manage it properly you can create a huge competitive advantage"

Tommaso Lucentini, Crowdsourcing Community Director, Clariter Group

Hear from some of our supercrowders

Crowdville has completely changed my approach to everyday life… Nowadays, I find bugs everywhere! It’s a nightmare… Joking aside, testing different apps and digital services before anyone else, and being part of a passionate, likeminded community is priceless.

I take part in Crowdville’s missions because it gives me the opportunity to try out new apps and services, and make friends on their online community.

As a student, it gives me a competitive advantage, as I’ve been able to visibly increase my technical skills helping to strengthen my professional profile.


I’m constantly learning and broadening my horizons on Crowdville. Honestly, it feels like I never stop!

Making money, having fun and inspiring others to believe that you can make a difference – that sums up my 4 years of testing on Crowdville.


Community Size

Devices Present

Bugs Accepted

The Crowdsourcing Best Practice


The ultimate goal of the crowdsourcing best practice is to create best in class processes, ideas and methods in order to inspire other crowdsourcing teams all over the world. The crowdsourcing best practice in Clariter is one of the most important areas because it manages every single service involving the crowd.

Building a community doesn’t mean just recruiting people. One of the challenges of crowdsourcing companies is to retain current members and attract new talents in order to give clients results worth a competitive advantage against their competitors. Attracting talents and retaining members is possible just through cutting-edge technology, innovative processes, motivating rewards and gamification plans and constant innovative plans and learning initiatives.

The Community Management Team


The job of the Community Management team (CM) is to motivate community members – or crowders – who earn money by participating in weekly campaigns on our crowdsourcing platform, Crowdville.

Being a Community Manager at Crowdville is both exciting and hugely rewarding. Every day thousands of crowders share ideas, ask questions and help each other out on our internal social network, and the CM team have the responsibility of making this as engaging as possible. Keeping our crowders engaged is what we strive for, and we do this by acting as the human face of the platform, publishing online courses, and by encouraging fresh ideas on crowdsourcing.

Some of the daily activities performed by the CM team include recruiting crowders, profiling the community based on socio demographic criteria and different skills and qualifications, reaching goals for each mission performed, on-boarding and supporting crowders.

The CM team also manages an entire social network dedicated to its community, called Otium. On Otium the CM team creates content, supports crowders, keeps them entertained and informed with everything that happens in Clariter and at the end, educates crowders by delivering tailored online courses.

The Project Management Team


The Project Management (PM) team develop a level of best practice that ensures we maintain a smooth, efficient service that meets the expectations and needs of both customers and clients. The job of a Project Manager involves translating technical ideas and instructions to teams of people, clients, directors and investors.

To organise and launch missions, PM’s break down the tasks before putting a plan into place. It’s their responsibility to put the plan into effect, forecast problems, and find workable solutions along the way. This is an increasingly challenging task since both clients and crowders need to be satisfied with the outcome.

PM’s play a key role in budgeting, controlling costs and keeping the organisation on track financially. Their management helps minimise costs and maximise results through budget forecasts and mission reports. Cost-benefit analysis is a big part of what they do to improve efficiency with each passing mission.

The PM team is also responsible for new service design, where they are required to manage innovation as an integrated business process.

Services are created through a complex mix of market research, study of scientific papers and clients and data analysis. Service design involves clearly defining processes, responsibilities, and results with scientifically-proven supporting claims.


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