Clariter is dedicated to improving your customer engagement, through a unique combination of traditional In-lab skills plus crowd sourced scale, combined with the data insight of customer sentiment, all managed by a dedicated and accountable team of professionals. 

We tailor these services to focus on the three key pillars of quality that drives todays digital marketplace. We call this:

What is Qalya?

The “qualia” (the Latin neutral plural of which, that is, quality, attribute, mode) are, in the philosophy of the mind, the qualitative aspects of conscious experiences.

Every conscious experience has a qualitative feeling different from another. For example, the experience we have by tasting an ice cream, is qualitatively different from the one we have when we contemplate Leonardo’s “The Mona Lisa”. 

These are extremely specific and essentially characterise the individual conscious experiences.

In addition, the “QA” takes up the topic of Quality Assurance and includes the acronym of “Quality Adjusted Life Years” (a unit of measurement used in the cost-benefit analysis that combines the duration of life with the quality of life); for us we could combine the durability of a product or service with its quality.”  



Qalya Sphere is the very advanced Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE), and is able to take on challenges from the Technical Quality point of view. Qalya Sphere has a diverse mix of testing and software quality specialists, best practices and the most effective tools made available to our customers in the entire software life cycle. Capable of adapting to both conventional approaches and enabling DevOps.

Qalya Sense takes advantage of a big part of your digital user base. Combining our cutting-edge technology and our resourceful crowdsourcing community, Qalya Sense gathers and analyses data using our experienced Customer Journey and User Experience Competence Centre. 

Clariter’s Research Analysis collects, clusters, and correlates data extracted through a Data Lake Structure from a variety of different sources. These range from CX surveys, Citizen Experience, Social Listening, and Advanced Profiling of Clariter’s community members.

This correlation of data, combined with Qalya Sphere’s results, allows for an in-depth analysis of the current situation, leading to problems being resolved with a significant increase in customer satisfaction too.


The Digital Assurance Quadrant is the result of the perfect synergy between Qalya Sphere and Qalya Sense.

Technical quality and user experience improve accordingly using 2 models which may seem to be unrelated, but in reality are intertwined with each other. Customer Experience relies heavily on technical quality and vice versa. This quadrant shows how we measure it.



Qalya Stage represents the range of services aimed at improving the market positioning of the product in the well-established competitive arena of the digital market, acting on both its visibility and its reputation.
The mix of marketing experts, influencers and the internal community of Clariter, where the product Promoters are derived, allows planning and implementation of a roadmap to improve its market positioning. Furthermore, it provides the reactions of the final customers, in a crowd environment, before this is put to the market to predict the effect of certain marketing actions to take place.

Qalya Stage takes care of the entire product life cycle thanks to the virtuous influences of Qalya Sphere and in particular of Qalya Sense.


The Digital Positioning Quadrant is created thanks to our Qalya Stage offering. By marketing the product or brand using real, happy customers, we are able to focus on improving the product’s overall reputation and visibility. Whatever position our client is in, we will always ensure they are at the top, maximising their status as a Marketing Leader.

engage them

BECOME A digital business leader

Business Performance therefore is a mix our two previous quadrants. By first improving the Digital Assurance, which is Technical Quality and Customer Experience improvement, we’re able to ‘create’ the customers who then champion the product, boosting the Digital Positioning immensely. This helps us reach the end goal of being a Digital Business Leader.

Success and professional collaboration is based on trust and reliability. With Clariter we can count on
them for both. On one hand, we have the responsibility to manage the business
continuity of our key clients; on the other hand, a partner like Clariter providesus with competences and reliability through high quality services. We have completely trusted Clariter since 2010

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