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Simple solutions for a complex world

Qalya harnesses real users, proprietary tools and in-house labs and experts in order to give an integrated mixture of capabilities to cope with the current over competitive digital world.

Regular testing and surveying can only ever give a partial view of your product. With the limited resources and inevitable bias of your QA team, it can never capture all the complexities of the real world. That is where Qalya comes in.

Qalya complements your regular QA team, providing vital insight into your customers’ real-life experiences, finding more bugs and usability issues, in less time, before they reach your end customers.

Real users, real environment

Through crowdsourcing, tens of thousands of real users who are part of our community, become experts in finding bugs and making recommendations on how to improve the experience of other users like themselves 

Proprietary AI tools

Over the years, Qalya has honed the proprietary tools it uses to generate insights from the emotive comments of customers. This and much more thanks to our proprietary AI tools.

A unique professional team

A team of certified and experienced professionals, together with subject matter experts and professionals, allows our company to give quick and reliable results.

Hi-Tech Ecosystems

Advanced high-tech ecosystems and labs gives support for critical decisions that allows companies to create an incredible user experience.

Latest News

Our expansion from Italy and the UK, and what this means for our international expansion. It all starts in Portugal, with the rest of Europe on the horizon! Let’s talk about our model and Clariter’s ambitious plans

We want to grow quickly, and with the recent opening of our Portuguese branch in Lisbon, we’re not only proud to be making movements in a highly advanced EU country, but we’ve also opened a door to some very lucrative South American markets too. We’re now closer than...

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Clariter launches the new suite Qalya

ROME – August 1, 2018 – Clariter, the leading service provider in Quality as a Service (QaaS), after seven profitable years of business in Italy, is now launching the new QALYA suite!

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Clariter opening in UK

LONDON - May 1, 2018 - Clariter, the leading service provider in Quality as a Service (QaaS), after seven profitable years of business in Italy, is now opening in the United Kingdom! Clariter’s mission is to improve their Clients’ digital reputation, through a unique...

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Our Success Stories


Managing your customers’ money is serious business, not least if you’re one of the biggest banks with customers of all ages right across the country. Banking has changed.


TIMMusic is the core audio streaming service from TIM, available everywhere in Italy on every network condition.


Enel, the largest energy company in Italy, had the need to improve and perfect their mobile app dedicated to electric car users, whilst at the same time rebuilding brand awareness of Enel X.


Nugo is a Trenitalia mobile app developed to offer to their customers an easy way to:

1 – Plan their journey from door to door (including trains, taxi and public transportation)

2 – Purchase tickets and save them on the app

3 – Have tickets at hand when needed for the journey


Installing the HP beacons overall the national territory and letting them work perfectly together with the HP dedicated apps was supposed to be a complex task, very expensive and time-consuming.
How to deal with the consistency of the various potential suppliers in every single region ?

Improving Trust on Personal Data

As puts individuals back in control, it is essential to gauge the real user opinion on’s app by looking into these specific issues:

– Reputation
– Empathy
– Sentiment analysis, by monitoring online conversations


Telecom Italia (TIM), the leading landline Operator in Italy, decided to commission a study aiming to provide insightful elements for the Design of an Excellent Customer Experience within the Customer Journey Design Evolution project.


We have created a co-creation study investigating the behaviour of customers with a specific focus on the web portal – including the MyTIM Private Area both on big and small screens.


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