CUTTING-EDGE technologIES TO enhance our lives


Technology is important, and at Clariter, we see it as the foundation of our daily lives. Without the different technologies we’re constantly relying on, we wouldn’t be able to offer the level of service we pride ourselves on.

Let’s take a look at the main areas where technology helps us with our daily work.

One of the most advanced and innovative social platforms

Our platform is built upon the model of the four convergent social-mobile-cloud-information forces (see Gartner, Nexus of forces). It consists of an operational area (Negotium), a social area (Otium), and a series of collateral tools (mobile app) that allows the members of our community to interact effectively and carry out tasks anywhere and at any place, day or night.

A complete and advanced test management suite

This is our holistic Test Management Suite, where a complete and continuous management of the test cycles takes place. This includes tools to help with test execution – both in manual and automatic modes and for web and mobile platforms, performance tests, bug tracking tools, and service virtualisation tools for the automation of integration tests.

An environment for a deep observation of the customer experience

We have a series of tools that can support the analysis of customer behaviour in their social interactions. This identifies the path (Customer Journey) and their effectiveness, providing valuable information to improve the relationship with end users. Within this channel there are probes and agents who are able to gather valuable behavioural and technical information, where their correlation becomes vital in understanding the phenomena of poor technical quality that impacts on the overall customer experience.

Support for critical decisions made by our customers

Our composite platform, integrated into Clariter’s very own ecosystem, allows decision makers to make the best decisions at the right time. Through a series of powerful tools aiding with semantic analysis, sentiment analysis, clustering, machine learning & AI and a highly-advanced data analysis, our subject matter experts and data scientists are able to draw the maximum value from the data. This translates into rich and precious information assets to support the critical decisions our clients are required to make every day, thanks to our sophisticated and effective predictive models.


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