What is Qalya?

Qalya is a suite of services designed to optimise and assure a client’s digital customer experience by trialling and testing apps, digital devices, web portals and company processes.

Qalya harnesses real users, proprietary AI tools and in-house labs and experts.

Product leadership, cost reduction and avoidance, NPS and CSAT improvements, sustainable revenue streams, increased testing efficiency, and improved customer loyalty are the main Qalya benefits realised by clients.

Only Qalya is able to provide all these benefits with a single suite of solutions, from a European base, cost efficiently and quickly.

Where does it come from?

The “qualia” (the Latin neutral plural of which, that is, quality, attribute, mode) are, in the philosophy of the mind, the qualitative aspects of conscious experiences.

Every conscious experience has a qualitative feeling different from another. For example, the experience we have by tasting an ice cream, is qualitatively different from the one we have when we contemplate Leonardo’s “The Mona Lisa”. 

These are extremely specific and essentially characterise the individual conscious experiences.

In addition, the “QA” takes up the topic of Quality Assurance and includes the acronym of “Quality Adjusted Life Years” (a unit of measurement used in the cost-benefit analysis that combines the duration of life with the quality of life); for us we could combine the durability of a product or service with its quality.”  

GET THE most out of it

The Qalya suite was designed to trial and test:

Any kind of app (e.g. customer-facing iOS or Android mobile apps)

Web Portals


Entire customer journeys

Consumer devices (e.g. set-top boxes) and other digital products

The visibility and reputation of products and services


Complex digital company processes (e.g. CRM)


The Qalya suite addresses three fundamental questions:

1 – Does the device or service work properly?

2- Are users delighted by it?

3 – Is the device or service visible and enjoys a good reputation?

What does Qalya do?


  • Improves product technical quality and customer experience
  • Early bug detection and removal from the field and avoidance of bad end-user experiences
  • Early matches customer needs, through powerful co-creation activities before general launch
  • Fundamental inputs to product design and development activities
  • Turn your customers into real promoters, so increasing your product rating (NPS);
  • Qalya transforms negative incidents into positive experiences providing bug workarounds to end-users
  • Effectively engage your customers

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