Qalya Benefits

Cost reduction and avoidance (efficiency)

The combination of InLab and OutLab activities enables clients to reduce QA costs by 35%

Better quality products


Reduced product development costs and shorter time to revenue, because it is much cheaper to fix bugs before the official software release

Capability to create real promoters

After the improvement of technical quality and customer experience, since they have intensively used the client’s product/service

Combined Technical Quality and CX


Enhances competitive differentiation and creates loyalty and stickiness

300% effectiveness


Increased in QA Processes compared to traditional testing methods (3 times as many bugs discovered, more end-user feedbacks, etc)

Bugs are visible for less time


Often solved before end-users notice them (positively affecting clients’ reputation)

Increased customer satisfaction


We intercept client’s needs in advance, (we do interact with consumers, not just listening to them)

NPS improvements

Complimentary to your existing measuring (NPS / CSAT)

Qalya is made by people

Accountability is key. 

Common shared values allow us to work towards the same goals.

Thanks to our technical competences and our commitment to results for our clients, we are able to achieve exceptional results.

We’re Dedicated To Improving Your Digital Customer Experience

We achieve this through a unique combination of traditional in-lab expert skills combined with the emotion of customers through the scalable resource of crowd-sourced real users.

With Qalya, you can bridge the gap between your team of experts and your customers!

Your Experts Are Here

… in a ring-fenced and resource limited testing environment with a predisposed viewpoint.

But Your Users Are Here

… in the real world environment, with real people, trying to achieve real tasks.

Tens of thousands of your users are with us in the Crowdsourcing Community (Crowdville), they are waiting for you!”

Missions Performed With Tier 1 Clients

Bugs Reported

Active Participants Across 500+ Missions

Countries Where Our Crowders Belong


1 – 15 Clere Street, EC2A 4UY


Via Cristoforo Colombo 112, 00154


Viale Luraghi, Arese, 20020


Campo Grande, 28 – 5 A/D 1700 – 093

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