Employee Experience

We can support you by optimising for the employee in order to increase satisfaction, productivity and loyalty to the company 

Align company and employees’ values

Create a genuine connection between employees and the company in terms of core values, processes and positioning  

Company Benefits & Welfare Assessment

Benefits packages should be tailored as they enhance performance and help attract top talents, while a lack of consideration of this is likely to result in meaningful losses​ 

Work environment assessment

Create an ergonomic office, associated with reduced illnesses and absences, improved productivity, more positive comfort and mood levels​ 

Select the Best Resources for Your Company

Find the best talent considering hard skills, soft skills, psico-behavioural attitude and socio-demographical variables, leading to a perfect fit between the resource and the company 

Enrich Performance Evaluation

Evaluate the performance of your employees, based on their goals respecting their work-life balance, positively impacting organisation’s culture and engagement​ 

Expert consulting & training
  • Guidance and support in terms of current policies and procedures, alongside the resolution of issues within the workforce (i.e., high turnover, poor eNPS)
  • Expert review of the office environment, in terms of ergonomics, resulting in a list of issues and strengths, together with recommendations 

  • Specific competencies or professional figures over a period (i.e., Psychologist, Talent Specialist, Human Factors Specialist)
  • Continuous training relating to latest updates and trends regarding Employee Experience, to ensure the company and its processes are in line with these
, Employee experience
, Employee experience

Turn-key solutions

    • Identify the current pain points leading to negative employee KPI levels (i.e., high turnover) and develop meaningful fixes and improvements 

    • Co-create an augmented version of the work environment/benefit packages to enhance employees’ satisfaction, NPS and Loyalty 

    • Determine the ROI of specific amendments regarding employee benefits, appraisal processes and work environment improvements 

    • Definition of personal and team dynamics appraisal processes enhancing productivity and energy levels among employee within and across departments 

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