Public entities

What are the challenges?

The public sector’s vital role in providing essential services and regulating the state is amplified by its access to vast data. When effectively utilized, this data empowers government agencies to make informed decisions and drive positive change. New services for citizens should adhere to Customer Experience principles, as expectations are shaped by experiences with other industries and private alternatives. Emerging trends are revolutionizing public administration, promoting equity, and fostering innovation.

Let’s explore these trends and their impact on the public administration sector:

Public administration truly embodies its nature only when it anticipates the future; there is no public administration entity that can keep up with citizens’ needs without embracing innovation

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Citizen Experience

The prevalence of private sector experiences leads citizens to expect the same level of service from public entities, pushing them to adopt customer experience approaches due to the emergence of non-public alternative
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Tailored services

Data-driven customization of government services has replaced traditional standardized approaches, addressing past marginalization by tailoring services to meet the specific needs and requests of every citizen

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Adoption of open data

Governments are making public data openly accessible, promoting transparency, and enabling citizens, businesses, and researchers to utilize this information to create value, encourage innovation, and participate in the decision-making process

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Accessibility & Inclusion

In the digital era, fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within government agencies involves prioritizing accessible design, co-creation, citizen engagement, data sovereignty, and equitable access to public goods

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Government leaders are promoting global collaboration with commercial entities to address challenges, promote sustainability, and drive positive societal change