Multi Experience

We can support you by optimising the Customer Journey and the respective touch points, in order to increase satisfaction, productivity and loyalty to the company 


Consider Spotify’s example: When a user switches from phone to car speakers, there’s no break—the car immediately picks up the song or podcast where the switch occurred. The phone screen also adjusts to simplify the experience, preventing distractions while driving.

Time to market

It is possible to reduce the amount it takes to develop systems by making use of multiexperience. You do not need to develop whole new processes with each extra experience, as you can instead build on the processes you have already made 

Increased security

With a multiexperience platform, you can make sure your security focuses on one place. You do not need to keep an eye on several different systems, reducing potential risks to your digital security. 

Optimise In-Store Customer Journeys

Building remarkable experiences by assessing and improving the physical ambient, human interactions, timings and overall process    

Optimise Digital Customer Journeys

Building remarkable experiences by assessing and improving the digital ambient, human component, timings and overall process   

Ensure Consistency on your Customers’ Phygital Experience

Ensuring that hybrid experiences including both physical and digital components are consistent to create a superior omnichannel experience 

Validate Your Process Before Launch

Testing a process that is currently not available on the market or a process update to make refinements before launching it, based on the insights collected 

Expert consulting & training
  • Guidance and support in the development of an internal MX and CJ Centre, in terms of methodologies, tools and best practices 
  • Expert review of the environment, following the Servicescape Model, resulting in a list of issues and strengths, together with recommendations
  • Specific competencies or professional figures over a period (i.e., Psychologist, Communication Specialist) 

  • Continuous training relating to latest updates and trends regarding Phygital experiences, to ensure the company and its processes are aligned 
, Multi experience
, Multi experience

Turn-key solutions

  • Identify the current pain points of a process and their impact on specific indicators to develop meaningful fixes and improvements
  • Co-create an augmented version of a process to reach and satisfy a specific target of users , enhancing the overall satisfaction, NPS, CPA and other KPIs 
  • Determine the ROI of specific amendments and impact in terms of MX and CJ 

  • Testing and improvement of unreleased processes before the actual launch via our very own Vicarious Learning Methodology 

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