Risk & Threat Management

We can support you with a set of activities and processes aimed at identifying, assessing, mitigating, and managing risks and threats that can negatively impact an organization’s operations. 

Risk & Threat Idenfication

This phase involves analyzing different areas within the organization to identify potential sources of risk and external threats. This may include reviewing operational processes, IT infrastructure, security policies, as well as analyzing market trends and environmental factors.

, Risk & threat management
, Risk & threat management

Risk Assessment

Once the risks have been identified, a thorough analysis is conducted to assess the potential impact of each risk and the probability of its occurrence. This process helps classify risks based on their severity and priority, enabling the organization to focus resources on managing the most critical risks.

Development of Mitigation Strategies

In this phase, strategies and action plans are developed to mitigate the identified risks. This may include creating security policies and procedures, adopting advanced technologies for data protection, and providing staff training on risk identification and management.

, Risk & threat management
, Risk & threat management
Implementation of Security Measures

Once the mitigation strategies have been developed, they are implemented within the organization. This may involve installing physical security systems, updating company policies, integrating cybersecurity solutions, or training employees on security and risk management. 

Continuous Monitoring and Evaluation

The Risk and Threat Management service requires constant monitoring of the risk environment to detect any changes or new threats. Ongoing evaluation is conducted to assess the effectiveness of implemented mitigation strategies and make any necessary adjustments or improvements.

, Risk & threat management
, Risk & threat management
Emergency Response and Business Continuity

In the event of a risk event or threat, the Risk and Threat Management service includes emergency response and business continuity plans. These plans enable the organization to respond promptly, minimizing negative impacts and swiftly restoring normal operations.

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, Risk & threat management