ROME – January 12, 2019 – Clariter, the leading service provider in Quality as a Service (QaaS), after seven profitable years of business in Italy, is now investing 2M€ for its International expansion program!

The recent investment is entirely sustained by the three Clariter founders Massimo Di Virgilio, Rosario Gambardella and Michele Fanelli who strongly believe that the international expansion is a must to compete in the Digital Transformation era.

The Clariter offer includes the “Qalya suite” which ultimately enhances the reputation of your company/product/service through a unique combination of traditional In-lab QA expertise plus crowd sourced scale combined with customer sentiment and data analysis. Qalya has been sold and consolidated for seven years in Italy, in the Telco, Media, Finance and Large Enterprise Industries.

Now is the right time to offer and sell the Qalya suite in other European Countries, the three founders said.

The first phase of such investment will be focused on the opening of offices in three new countries: The United Kingdom (which launched in May 2018) followed by two further offices which will be located in Northern and Southern Europe, depending on the market opportunities.

The international expansion program also foresees the acquisition of local companies having a synergic business with Clariter, in order to complement the local company offering and existing clients.

Part of the investment will also be devoted to increasing sales and marketing in the new countries as well as to consolidate the proprietary IT assets, unique and key elements of the Clariter business.

The second phase of the international expansion program will then lead Clariter to further countries such as USA, South America and Russia. The program will be boosted and completed by the time a new important investor will join the Group, the three founders said.

Negotiations for which are already in place.


Clariter the leading provider of Quality as a Service (QaaS) empowers Digital Leaders – including TIM, HP, ENEL (the Italian Energy provider), Trenitalia (the Italian railway national company), Sky  – to deliver the finest digital experiences to their customers on any device, any time, any place. Clariter’s unique Qalya suite ensures the magic combination of Quality of Service plus Quality of Experience plus Quality of Reputation, through traditional in-lab QA expertise combined with crowd sourced scale and combined with customer sentiment to give both measurement and insight into customer experiences that build greater customer loyalty and reduced costs.

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