ROME – August 1, 2018 – Clariter, the leading service provider in Quality as a Service (QaaS), after seven profitable years of business in Italy, is now launching the new QALYA suite! Clariter’s mission is to improve their clients’ digital reputation, through a unique combination of specialised In-lab QA expertise plus crowd sourced scale, combined with customer sentiment and data analysis. The main services offered in the Clariter “QALYA” suite assure the magic combination of:

  • Quality of Service (improve the technical quality by reducing the number of defects in the field),
  • Quality of Experience (improve the customer experience by listening to the sentiment of customers) and
  • Quality of Reputation (Improve the perception users have about products by improving quality and increasing advocate conversations).

The Clariter QALYA suite will ultimately enhance the reputation of your company/product/service in this Digital Transformation era, which is both expensive but necessary to compete in today’s marketplace, where your competitors are competing in the three pillars of Quality: (technical + empathy + reputation). The “qalya” (Latin word, plural of “quality/mode/attribute”) in the philosophy of the mind are the qualitative aspects of the known experiences. Every known experience has a different qualitative sensation form any other one: as an example the experience we live when eating an ice-cream is qualitatively different from the one we live when we admire the Leonardo’s Gioconda. The “qalya” are then extremely specific and characterise these single known experiences. Qalya also reflects the “Quality Adjusted Life Years” acronym as well (a measurement unit which combines the life duration with the life quality) just as Clariter specialises in combining the life of a product with its quality. Last but not least the two initials of Qalya (“QA”) reminds all of us of the Quality Assurance arena, where Clariter has been operating since its beginning. , Clariter launches the new suite Qalya<dataavatar hidden data-avatar-url=></dataavatar>

ABOUT CLARITER Clariter the leading provider of Quality as a Service (QaaS) empowers Digital Leaders – including TIM, HP, ENEL (the Italian Energy provider), Trenitalia (the Italian railway national company), Sky  – to deliver the finest digital experiences to their customers on any device, any time, any place. Clariter’s unique Qalya suite ensures the magic combination of Quality of Service plus Quality of Experience plus Quality of Reputation, through traditional in-lab QA expertise combined with crowd sourced scale and combined with customer sentiment to give both measurement and insight into customer experiences that build greater customer loyalty and reduced costs.

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