We want to grow quickly, and with the recent opening of our Portuguese branch in Lisbon, we’re not only proud to be making movements in a highly advanced EU country, but we’ve also opened a door to some very lucrative South American markets too. We’re now closer than ever to our clients, and in time our offices around the world will become hubs of technical and design excellent, linked to Clariter’s entire global network.

Interview to Rosario Gambardella, CEO of Clariter

London, 10th July – Time flies at Clariter, and with the recent launch of the QALYA suite, we’re putting our nine years of hard work and expertise to the test, by dipping our toes into the very real challenge of international expansion. We feel ready.

Clariter is a multinational SME that has always been focused on and passionate about providing innovative solutions and services, and methodologies designed to improve “conversations” about our clients.

Having clients who are typically large B2C service providers who operate in highly competitive consumer markets, Clariter’s mission is to improve the engagement between them and their customers – or consumers – by improving their overall experience thanks to high-performing digital products giving a highly satisfying overall experience.

We want to engage real-life consumers who are always “in line” at our client’s shop entrance. Our goal is to ultimately help create queues of these happy consumers (promoters) at the (virtual) doors of their stores online or on social media.

Once there’s a visible queue of happy consumers, it creates a buzz, and this itself feeds the queue itself.

We’ve established ourselves in Italy and the UK, and we’ve just opened the office in Portugal too. We want to send out a clear message: this is just the start!


We have more than 100 people working at Clariter, but we want to accelerate this by progressively launching in different foreign markets all over the world.

This is essential because our clients have an international ‘vocation’, so to further strengthen our credibility we have to speak their language and meet the complex challenges that their businesses face day to day.

We know full well that digital transformation is everywhere – we have an opportunity to make considerable progress all over the world, and to put it mildly, we feel ready. Our ambition is to structure ourselves as a multinational, and Portugal represents a fundamental hub for us; the opportunities that the country offers in terms of language and culture will facilitate access to large South American markets such as Brazil. This goes without saying.

Our model of expansion and establishment in new countries is mainly organic, i.e. we build new companies with top-level management, which to some extent already have confidence in the market and in terms of specific issues relating to digitisation.

We have chosen this path because it is often hard to find other companies in the marketplace who develop similar products to us, and therefore carry out exactly what we do.

But I can say with certainty that we’re already well versed in sharing and transferring our own skills. Let’s not forget that Clariter started out with the mission of having competence centres that may logistically be in two places, yet they complement each other perfectly. Having synergy is important to us. We carry out our marketing and crowdsourcing in the UK, and our technical and Data Analysis work in Italy. Therefore, this exchange is an important structural element of how we work as an entity.

It’s important for us to be seen as a reliable company both “near and far” to our clients. We’ve got to be attentive to our clients’ problems, reacting to unforeseen issues, while at the same time we can build upon our entire framework that enriches our global business.

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